Notes from DT

The last time I wrote these notes it was April 19th . Who could imagine how much would change for all of us in the intervening months?!

As you know from my “Letter To Choirs” from about 3 weeks ago, things for the Fall semester have changed a lot since we can have no in-person rehearsals or performances until the end of December. This will be a huge challenge but Mrs. Trevor and I have been thinking of ways that we can do some good things. The Creative Team with Mrs. Baugus has
also been quite active and we have some new ideas that we can work on learning this semester with a view to performances in 2021.

I now have class lists for each of the choirs. Both girls’ choirs are quite a bit larger than last year. Stewarts is a bit smaller but we will still be able to do some interesting things. I have already posted learning materials for each of the choirs to start and I will go over these when I meet you for the first time on Tuesday, 8/25. They are only the beginning of
what we plan to do in the weeks ahead. Being online at class time twice a week is very important! I will have new things to explain
each day. This will also be our time to congregate (virtually) and build our choir communities.

In the current reality of Covid-19, there can be no tour to Nashville. The GUSD School Board has to approve every trip and they are not likely to do that in the current pandemic. It’s a bit similar to the many trips that were cancelled after 9/11 in 2001. I’ve spoken with our tour company, Music Celebrations International and have found that choirs and instrumental ensembles all over the US are in a similar situation. However, we will do everything possible to have some performances in 2021 and there are ideas being considered for each of these.

We will learn to work with Canvas but the initial information and assignments will come from Classroom. Two thirds of all my students (including CCP) are freshmen and Classroom is what you are used to. Let’s learn to be in high school first and then we will be better able
to make use of the resources that Canvas provides.

I’ll close with the last paragraph from my April 19th Notes.
Queen Elizabeth gave a short message to the world and especially to those in Great Britain where the suffering has been very great.  “We will meet together again”.  That is exactly how I feel and look forward to it very much.

As ever,


Glendora High School Show Choirs