Notes from DT

Today is April 19th and we have been out of school for 5 weeks already due to the Covid-19 situation.  That means only 6 more weeks of school until we are officially finished on May 29th.  What a strange time this has been!

As we contemplate these next weeks, our thoughts and planning are for next year and being able to meet together again face to face.  We can be grateful for all the connections made possible by the internet but it is not the same as being there in person.  I can’t wait to see our choirs together at Choir Camp, August 5-7 and hear you sing again!

I have heard auditions from many students who want to be a part of our choirs for 2020-21.  In addition, I have sent email letters to all of the talented singers that have auditioned and invited them to Silhouettes and Royal Stewarts.  This year we will have two girls choirs simply called Silhouettes 4 and Silhouettes 6 to indicate the periods that they meet during the school schedule.  Silhouettes 6 are almost all freshmen with a few sophomores.  Silhouettes 4 are mostly in grades 10-12.  Each will have their own show choir sets and rehearsal schedules.  Stewarts is scheduled for period 3 once again and we have some fine talent in that choir.  We still need more boys!

TOUR 2021
We have asked students in various choirs where they would be interested to have the tour for 2021.  Of several destinations suggested, the greatest interest has been for a trip to Nashville, TN.  We are making plans for March 26-29.   Nashville is, of course, famous for country music but there are many other things to see and do there.  Stay tuned for more information soon and before the end of school in May.

TOUR 2020
The school shutdown meant that we had to cancel the tour to San Diego in March.  It was a great disappointment and there was a lot of money involved.  Music Celebrations International, our tour company, has been able to return 86% of the money paid, something very rare in the travel industry when cancelling a trip one week before it was to start.  Some other companies have kept 100% of the monies paid returning nothing to the participants!  We have received that check from MCI and we are working on repayment to all participants.

For those in our existing choirs, be sure to take a look at Classroom for some interesting musical skills and clips.  New things are added each week.

Queen Elizabeth gave a short message to the world and especially to those in Great Britain where the suffering has been very great.  “We will meet together again”.  That is exactly how I feel and look forward to it very much.

As ever,


Glendora High School Show Choirs