Fundraising Events

9-24-21 – Zoomba

10-16-21 – Cabaret (Annual Fundraising Dinner Extravaganza)

This event is an opportunity to come out to a nice dinner, dress up, see your friends, buy raffle tickets, win fabulous prizes, and see our wonderful kids perform a series of solos and numbers from their 2021 competition sets. It is a wonderful evening and it is our biggest fundraising event of the year.

Here is where I can use parent help: Soliciting prizes for our raffle is a huge undertaking for just one person and even for a committee of board members. So I am asking every family to help procure just 1 raffle prize or, even, just a PART of a raffle prize (you can go in with another family to create a basket, for example). You don’t need to purchase the prize. You can ask a local business to contribute with a form letter I will be happy to provide if you come and see me. I will also follow up with a thank you/tax letter, etc. to all businesses that contribute. Our booster club is a 501 (c) (3) tax exempt organization, so all donations to us are tax deductible. In addition, we provide all businesses that support our efforts with free advertising in our program. So there are incentives for them to give. If you would rather not ask, then donating yourself if fine, too. The more prizes we have, the more fun it is for all of us on that evening.

11-19-21 – Holiday Stroll

Students will be performing in the Glendora Village for the annual Holiday Stroll. I can use parent volunteers to help distribute leaflets for our Sounds of Noel concert and to help sell tickets.

tbd – Sounds of Noel

This is our annual Christmas Concert.

1-29-21 – Choir Showcase

3-4-22 – Rotary

5-14-22 – Spring Concert

Glendora High School Show Choirs