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2022-2023 GHS Choir Registration

Greetings GHS Choir students and parents!

It is time to register to participate in the 2022-2023 GHS Choirs. Each student should have seen the list indicating which choir your student has been assigned to. We are asking for each GHS Choir student to register online, even if you have filled out the registration in previous years. Here is the process to register online:

  1. Fill out Student Registration Form – Please note: All students, including returning students, need to fill out this form.
  2. Cooperative Share – The GHS Choirs cooperative share helps pay for additional costs for participating in show choir, including costumes, other performance clothing, professional choreographer, and professional band members for performances. Cooperative share is $800 for the year.

2022-23 Royal Stewarts

Bashier, NadiaBoylls, Brynn
Carpio, KatherineElvira, Patricia
Chen, TracyFetterly, Hannah
Danison, MadeleineGarcia, Robyn
Hanson, ElizabethIrving-Dyas, Savanna
Hung, OliviaKyle, Holly
Mountain, JuliannaLiu, Xinyu Claire
Powell, LeilaniPeterson, Carley
Rao, MaggiePina, Hannah
Reigstad, MiaPohopien, Amanda
Shearer, MaryPowell, Alannah
Swire, MagnoliaSchade, Linsey
Timko, MarieSeymour, Liz
Webb, LydiaSwire, Hayley
Viyar, Christina
Dale, AustinAzuma, Matthew
Garcia, Gavin LucasBanuelos, Jose
Herrera, MichaelCaouette, Aidan
Hiramoto, TrentonDale, Harrison
Mott, EvanHerrera, Emilio
Rinear, LucasKershner, Brandon
Miller, Devin

2022-23 Silhouettes 4

Burke, MakennaAlvarado, Nissi
Cabral, Abby-GailAu, Chloe
Costello, IzabellaAvila, Cielo
Friedman, HaleyBao, Eva
Hauk, KaraBodily, Dominique
Hilgenfeldt, MadyLoiacano, Brianna
Kern, DanielleMercado, Ashley
Millward, NaomiPorter, Samantha
Mora, LaurenSilva, Savanna
Navarro, Aliyah
Ortega, Natalia
Puentes, Isabella
Tanabe, Audrey
Willert, Michelle
Yang, Vicki
Zendejas, Ava

2022-23 Silhouettes 6

Bhatt, VihaAlraie, Emily
Godina, StephanieBelt, Lauren
Manzanares, HeavenCooper, Caroline
Marrero, CaitlynMaloney, Danni
Mougharbel, SereneNewsom, Laila
Nduaguibe, CrystalOrozco, Milo
Olvera, AvaRenfrow, Madelyn
Perrett, ElizabethSoliven, Dani
Porter, SofiaTorres, Samantha
Smith, Alyna
Souza, Samantha
Wilmsen, Chloe